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What is Cachaça?
Cachaça (Pronounced KA-SHAH-SAH) is a Brazilian type of rum.

Why Salinas (Northern city of Minas Gerais - Brazil)?

Minas Gerais has a great cachaça in general, but thanks to perfect pH and Calcium levels in the soil and an abundance of sunlight, the Java sugar cana has blessed the people of Salinas since the first families settled there in 1876. Producing first-class cachaça whose fame is now nationwide, making Salinas the "Napa Valley" of cachaça production. To this day, cachaça from Salinas is unsurpassed in quality and aficionados look there for a full flavor and smooth finish not found in other mass-produced cachaças.

Beleza de Minas

Beleza de Minas - Silver
- 43% abv.
Beleza de Minas Silver is clear cachaça perfect for cocktails. Its flavor blends well with many mixers.

Beleza de Minas - Gold -
43% abv.
Beleza de Minas Gold is aged for at least 24 months in Umburama wood, a noble wood known for its medicinal properties. This process gives the cachaça a darker color and a refined, sweeter flavor-ready to enjoy straight or on the rocks.

Meia Lua

Meia Lua - Silver
- 43% abv.
Meia Lua Silver is a clear cachaça aged in a neutral wood, making for a versatile cachaça great for either caipirinhas or on the rocks.

Meia Lua - Gold - 45% abv.
Meia Lua Gold is aged for at least 36 months in Balsam wood, the traditional wood for aging. Its flavor profile is a textbook example of fine cachaça, and a favorite among aficionados.

- 46% abv.
DiSalinas is a virgin cachaça, spending time in stainless steel vats rather than wood. The sugar cane is less extracted than usual, allowing only the finest sugar cane juice (garapa) to be fermented. The result is a strong, clear and full-bodied cachaça ideal for caipirinhas.

Aged for 2 years in Balsam wood.

Aged for at least 24 months in Umburana wood. It is one of the most popular artisan cachacas in Brazil.

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